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Let Them Eat Pancake

by Gemma Germains

Pancakes are a personal skill of mine. I've mastered them. I am the pancake master. Here's my secret recipe.

Actually, forget the recipe: the secret to boss pancakes is all in the wrist. Don't fret too hard about the recipe- we used the packet stuff.

  • Get your NON-STICK pan smoking hot with a dribble of oil.
  • Once it's smoking, pour in a little bit of the batter mix, take the pan off the heat and start swilling. The last thing you want is a puddle of batter in the middle of your pan. Keep rotating the pan until the batter won't move anymore and then put the pan back on the heat.
  • Don't touch the pancake until the edges start to lift away from the sides: perhaps run a butter knife around the edge to loosen it at bit.
  • Your pancake might start bubbling a bit now – that's a good sign. Give the pan a gentle shuffle. If the pancake starts slipping, toss it. If it doesn't, leave it a bit longer.
  • It's almost cooked now, so once it's tossed give it a minute on the other side before sliding it onto the plate.
  • Eat it with lemon, sugar, bananas, nutella and golden syrup.