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Last 2011 Overlap Commission: Steven Fowler and Ben Chora do Liverpool Music Week

03/11/11 Live
by Nathan Jones

We're teaming up with Samizdat and La Racaille again on brilliant new music/language/art event, this time exploring trance, mantra and the loop at Liverpool Music Week.  Featuring a new commission with Steven Fowler and an amazing new setting of Dustin Wong's seminal Infinite Love album set for guitar orchestra by wizz-kid Jon Davies.

Dustin Wong 'Infinite Love'
set by Jon Davies

with Chora + Stephen Fowler 'a spy vanderung inem vilderness'
"If Captain Beefheart had done St. Quentin, the result might have sounded something like this." Philip Terry

7.00pm the Cinema Room at the Contemporary Urban Centre
as part of Liverpool Music Week Closing Party

A little while ago, Dustin sent through this about Infinite Love:
A loop is a mantra. When performing or writing, I go through a series of effects pedals to provide a sort of textile factory. The signal of my guitar goes through an octave pedal and distortion pedal which determines the texture and color of the sound, the delay to set the pattern and the loop pedal to reproduce these patterns in repetition. By choosing an idea, that idea becomes the mantra and everything else that attaches itself to this idea becomes the flesh and bones of this essential melody, Coming from one single point and out to create a sonic cone, in a spiraling ascension. 

Based on this, Steven Fowler is working with jazz-avant musician Ben Morris of Chora on a new peice which takes the concept of mantra and trance as its starting point and expands it out into a sound-language performance which explores the notion of language as a the hypnotic medium where thought takes place.

A psychedelic opening to the closing party of Liverpool Music Week at CUC.

Tickets here: Tickets still only £10.00 available from
Or in person at Probe Records & Bold Street Coffee with no booking fee

CUC Liverpool, 41-51 Greenland Street, L1 0BS