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Gig: Mayming

by Nick Holloway

I should have mentioned this on Monday: musical duo Mayming are performing at the Liverpool Art Prize launch party tomorrow (Mar 12). Made up of Semay Wu (cello, sister of Ladytron's Reuben) and Seaming To (vocals, also a member of Homelife), the band are a two-woman avant garde opera, looping and processing their instruments in ways that are sometimes sparse, sometimes chaotic, and always entrancing. Love's Philosophy (below) is typical of their output.


Mayming also perform as part of Purgatory, a night of ghost stories and music at St Luke's Church, Liverpool, on Friday. I've tried to avoid this sort of thing since Ghostwatch shit me up good aged 11, but the calibre of the musicians involved (Mayming, experimental collective Frakture, and Mercy favourites aPAtT) persuades me I should pull myself together and venture down. The St Luke's setting - a ruin since the Luftwaffe bombed the city in 1941 - should add to the psychodrama (and perhaps the possibility of the organisers Defnet accidentally opening a portal to Hell - didn't Nazi occultists used to try this sort of thing in abandoned churches?). Anyhoo, tickets cost £6, doors open at 6.45pm. Mayming's 8pm appearance at the art prize launch, meanwhile, is free.