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Fundamentalists Say The Funniest Things

by Nick Holloway

Currently tickling my supernumerary rib (via boingboing):

All the dialogue in If Atheists Ruled The World is lifted straight from Fundies Say The Darndest Things, a frightening collection of all the paranoid, bigoted and weird outpourings the web's discussion boards and comment threads have to offer. Did you know, for example, that Atheism is a SECT of ISLAM? Or that a man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. That must be the Good News they're all talking about.

We have a rough equivalent of FSTDT in Britain, by the way, in case you thought all this crazy talk was the exclusive province of the Americans. If You Like It So Much, Why Don't You Go Live There scours the comments section of BBC microsite Have Your Say, and breaks their authors down into easy-to-understand categories: Regular Twats, Grief Athletes, Hypocrites, Curtain Twitchers, Tax Bores and Werther's Original Imperialists (I thought Bassett's Mint Imperialists would have been better, but Werther's Original it is).

Here's an example of If You Like It's daily discoveries, randomly generated by the site's patented Twat-O-Tron:

"Lets see now open your eyes people pathetic liberal institutions are putting flouride in our drinking water because htey want to turn britain into an islamic state when will this government use napalm ps if you are offended by this hen leave the ountry"

Appalled_UK Glasgow

I'm caught, as one visitor to If You Like It already put it so succinctly, between laughing and crying.