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Folio Updated / Busy Busy

18/11/08 Agency
by Joseph Bramall

Boy O boy, we're loving our work at the mo: The Males MySpace page has gone live for Supervision; Solar Management's next album by Kish Mauve is coming along nicely; we've completed a fun Josephine Oniyama interactive game for Universal with our whizzkid friend Paul Neave; a new issue of Off The Hook is at the printers; and The Wombats's Christmas gear is all signed off and set to take on the annual X Factor fight for the biggest Number One of the year. On top of all this, we have secured our new London office for January (Hoxton Square), we've just finished our 4-cities-in-one-show Biennial exhibition Interchange, and the final instalment of Wave If You're Really There is set to blow out our year in blasphemous style next week. Whew!! Despite all of this we have made the time to get our portfolio bang upto date, and add a few new random bits to Art For Arts Sake - including 3 new fonts! Time for a rest ...