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Finding Mr Wright

by Nick Holloway

I was about to settle down to watch The Seven Ages Of Love, a doc that, if I hadn't been locked in National Express coach hell at the time, I would have plugged before it aired on Channel 4 on Friday. Directed by Zara Hayes and linked together with poems by Mercy's old mate Luke Wright (above), the documentary looks at what love means in the lives of a range of people including a teenage gay couple, a woman whose husband is suffering from dementia, and, with a combined age of 176, Britain's oldest newlyweds.

Sadly I've had to make do with only two clips as, devoted Mac owner that I am, watching the full doc on Channel 4's PC-only on demand service isn't an option. I see from my web stats that roughly half the visitors to this site are also on Macs, so some of you will be in the same boat. Luckily, Luke has provided for the sworn enemies of Microsoft among us by reproducing the poems from the show on his website. Windows users can take comfort in a small victory, meanwhile, and enjoy the programme here.

Picture: Dave Guttridge


    • Anonymous

    It’s bloody brilliant!

    I was talking to Luke about Larkin when he was up in Liverpool, and you can really hear it in the divorcee’s poem

    We were in love,
    but life got in the way
    I tire myself with these old cliches.

    My favourite bit is the deaf people, I think. There is a repeated image that seems to translate perfectly into sign language, with their two fingers running alongside each other.

    And the last two made me cry.

    I am an old sap, and very glad of it.