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EVP Weekend Launch

07/09/12 Live
by Nathan Jones

UPDATE 5/10/12

8pm - doors open
a new work from James Wilkes: 'Chirologia'

8.30pm - Ross Sutherland

9.30pm - Hannah Silva

10.00pm - Anat Ben David

10.30pm till late - Dialogue Disco Supreme Team

It is ten years since Mercy emerged from the brickwork with an irreverent zine about tramps and dickheads and and a gorgeous carbuncle of an exhibition.  Join us to celebrate and launch our latest programme, as part of Liverpool Biennial 2012, featuring 3 of our favourite practitioners of voice/technology and performance. With added dinks and tacks...

Mercy and Liverpool Biennial 2012 present

Electronic Voice Phenomena Launch

8-10pm AT Camp and Furnace Blade Factory FREE

Three solo performers who use the electronic interface to extend the voice, flatten the temporal plane and warp the lyric form, presenting new trajectories in cyborg speech.

Plus return-from-retirement of the Dialogue Disco Supreme Team, aka Alextronic and Matt Smith (HIVE) spinning some records to celebrate our 10th birthday!

The launch of a weekend of activity exploring Electronic Voice Phenomena as a convergence of spirit, language and technology.


Hannah Silva

Dynamic sound-poetry performance layering and interweaving the stories of the great marathon runners from across history, with the sounds and rhythms of running including heartbeats, breath and pulse. Vocal play and electronic effect, history, legend and myth converge in a truly contemporary display of the virtuosic and conceptual.

"incredible vocal control and dexterity... her voice speeds up, the pace quickens, the athletes each sprint towards their goal; be that gold, Goddess or girl." digyorkshire.com

(originally A Humber Mouth Special Commission, funded by Hull City Council)

Anat Ben David

founder-member of Chicks on Speed, vocalist, writer, performance and media artist performs in a 'installation' set-up from her latest spree of works she describes as 'Op-eRa-art': where disciplines and materials come together with ability to change or 'disturb' one another and generate new meanings. Totally unpredictable, technically ambitious and punk.

"A linguistic landslide, words weighted with meaning... one moment she's crooning like a gently demonic Nico... the next moment space and silence are tested by a barrage of hi-NRG drums and lunatic scalling vocals" PLAN B

Ross Sutherland

One of the founding contributors and leading lights of Mercy!

Ross has found an old videotape that used to belong to his Granddad. So far on the tape he has found: a bit of Robbie Coltrane in Tuttii Frutti, Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and an episode of The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Ross is exploring ways of remixing the material, transforming the footage into something that tells his life story - merging form and content in Ross's inimitably engaging style.

"Surprisingly affecting [...] The story arc of The Fresh Prince becomes a Dantean spin through the circles of heaven and hell with Sutherland using the images, which are now cultural wallpaper, as a starting point for grieving." - The Wire

The Mercy artistic programme is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England GFA,  and Liverpool City Council