What we are up to

Dream of the fisherman's wife exhibition.

14/12/11 Agency
by Gemma Germains

When we launched Young Pines, we knew it was always going to be an experiment and as such we set very loose guidelines for them and us. Our number one guideline was; ‘here, take this little bit of money and go and do something interesting with it.”  It’s nice to see that they were actually listening when we said that bit.


Tomorrow sees the private view of Dream of The Fisherman’s Wife, an exhibition of images and literature taken from the A2, leather bound, gold embossed tome of naughty filth one third of Young Pines created in the summer. There will also be some very tasty audio snippets of Emma Hammond’s writing for you to get you lug holes round (if you’re old enough that is).


Young Piners Michael Cottage and Milos Simpraga have been up the bloomin’ wall screen printing, painting and making ready the work of over thirty new commissions that make up the book. Excitingly, the book will also be on display, as long as you wash your grubby hands first.


Emily Salinas, Jony Summers-Muir and John Biddle will also be exhibiting at the ADA tomorrow as they give us a sneak peek of their third year work in progress. Their work will mostly be the best there.


The exhibition runs from 5-8pm. There’ll probably be some cos play/ Narnia orgy rave somewhere afterwards but you’ll have to be very special to get an invite to that.