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Down with the Youth: Mercy & Les Jeunes

21/05/10 Friends
by Nathan Jones

Our apprentice cultural menaces have been bevering away at their zine project with FACT's Freehand programme. It's rather good.

Here is a couple of spreads from their latest issue.

It is always a pleasure working with Louise Latter and her gang from Freehand. They're so fun and full of gusto and barefaced cheek. This issue was co-edited by mainstay talent Mathew Hanlon and the irrepresible Josef Kelly, including cover artwork from Andy B and wicked drivel by Oskar. If you're around Liverpool you can pick up a copy from FACT or around and about - or contribute at freehand [at] fact [dot] co [dot] uk. I think the idea is that it's mainly for young people, but we're all young at heart when we're cutting and sticking, and I'm sure they'd love to hear from you if you have any suitably energetic, off-the-wall poems, illustrations, collage whatever.

We love this project. It really reminds you how buzzy and inspiring zines, DIY and 'throwaway vitality' is.