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Dog Days #4

by Nathan Jones

Dog Days is a serial about the plight of a dog walker, Richie Pen, and Kenny, his dog.

Dear Bob,

Are we broke? Or are we wealthy? I just don’t know anymore. I am Rich. I know that much. But who should I compare myself to? It changes weekend to weekend. Do we go...

a) We are working class... we will have the house wine! and then the lady will go home and twiddle for pennies while I winkle in the copper jar.

b) We are middle class... we would like the house wine. I am a failure and I reflect badly on everyone near me. I stink of cheap Chablis.


c) I am without class... I am a country without a tectonic plate, a dog without dimensions or scent. Wine without a house.

Sorry. O, my darling, there are so many questions for me to begin with, and so many factors for us to consider that Americans wouldn’t occur towards! Will dogs ever grow hands? Is a Pointer the beginnings of this?

Kenny was sick today and it looked like he’s been having some of that Advocaat, I don’t suppose you know anything about it? Today the old lady recommended a couple of Weetabix with goats milk for Kenny for breakfast. I can’t afford that! Or can I. Let's give him goats cheese! I love her too you know, her dog is one she talks to like a baby while it is obviously her husband.

Kenny has learned to pull a blanket over himself just now, and today he cocked his leg on a tall sod of grass. Get on ome.


Rich, Pensive, Kenneth.


    • Nathan Jones

    yes, both

  1. Do you mean it multiplies endlessly? Or after you’ve said it once it keeps coming back to haunt you?

    • Nathan Jones

    Hey, thanks gemgems. Midget gems.

    You women! Once it’s been mentioned in your presence, you are like vast caverns into which the word Love has been shouted.

    xx(one from me and one from him)

  2. I look forWard to these.....
    and then i feel happy all day after reading them.

    I love you Bob and Richie and Ken. I truly truly love you.