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Dog Days #2

by Nathan Jones

Dog Days is a serial about the plight of a dog walker, Richie Pen, and Kenny, his dog.

Dear Bob,

Now I have to think about what object best represents me! What object best represents you? If I had my way, I would just put you on a plinth and call you a sculpture of the clear bit in my brain. A tumbler full of whiskey with a sexy ice cube bobbing in I am, Bob. Boob. It’s pointless to try and think about it. Kenny, what object best represents you?

There he is, looking at me with the marble rolling round in his head.

"This torn up manila envelope, that lily in the vase. Yip, yip."

He made some people fall over in the snow today. I resent people who are scared of my dog and I hope they have to sit in the snow in their underpants. But how to reflect that in one object, and make a witty anecdote of it?

You like that image don’t you? It's like a game you play at Christmas. When Kenny is looking at something and tipping his head side to side. As if a marble has dropped in there and he is rolling it around in his brain, trying to get it to go in the hole. Tip, tip. Funny.

Come home, and drive safe in this slush. Drive on the pavement.

Richie Pen and Kenny Ken.