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Design Is My Day Job

08/11/12 News
by Gemma Germains

One day, when we're old and tired and ready to pack this game in, we'll sit you down and tell you the Notting Hill shirtless fruit story and the Bracket This red wine waterfall story. We'll hoist you on to our knee and tell you about the time we built a huge wooden tank for a drum & bass competition and what Doug's missis did at last year's Christmas Party (shudder).

But until that day, you will have to believe us when we say we love a good doo. We love getting dressed up, sticking on some records and dancing like the floor's on fire.

So we're going to help the Designival people finish up two mad days of talks, tours and tweets with Design Is My Day Job.

Given that we're always fighting over the studio Spotify, we thought we'd invite a load of designers to come and play their best studio playlist out, to a seething crowd of braying designers. Battling veterans against graduates and North versus South, we'll decide once and for all who has the best studio playlist. To the victor goes a bottle of something cheap and bragging rights for life.

Get down from 9 to see David Bailey of Kiosk/ tdr, as well as design professionals from Design Studio, Textbook, SB, and our very own Young Pines.

Obviously we're aware that we're taking a wee risk handing over the decks to a load of designers. So, just in case they're all completely rubbish, we've also booked Chibuku's James Rand.

Knowing that many of you designers like to think you can do better, we've also got a collaborative playlist on the go, so you can upload your own studio playlist to the MERCY DESIGN Spotify account for our collective aural pleasure.