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DEAN BLUNT at Blade Factory

18/11/13 Live
by Nathan Jones

"Dream logic is one of the hardest things to replicate in art, but Blunt is an expert" (The Guardian)

Deep Hedonia and Mercy present

Saturday 30th NOVEMBER
@ BLADE FACTORY, Camp and Furnace, Liverpool
Av. Tickets  £10 here

Coming out of the shadows of legendary underground bass duo Hype Williams Dean Blunt's solo work focuses on the male gaze of loneliness and heartbreak wrapped in numbness and scepticism, making deliberate gestures through lyrical platitudes and sonic gestures familiar in b-movie soundtracks. 

Blunt's cinematic vision is realised live in a bewildering presentation of characters taking the stage with him amid strobing lights, extreme sub bass and amateur dramatic segues.

A dramatised, fugged and dreamlike experience which goes well beyond the traditional 'gig' by intruding on the audience's emotions and physical wellbeing.  As the VICE reviewer noted,

"I've never [before] been to a show where I've felt simultaneously surprised, but also got everything I expected and hoped. But then again, there's no artist quite like Dean Blunt."

Support comes from Lord Tusk, recalling elements of Hype Williams, 90s boombox culture and retro-futurist techno.


This partnership with Deep Hedonia is a special one-off for Mercy, leading up to our synaesthetic, voice, interaction and affect-focussed SYNDROME programme for 2014.


Mercy's 2014 programme is supported by Liverpool City Council through the ACIP grants scheme.