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Tim Clare is a writer, stand-up poet and musician. We Can’t All Be Astronauts, his autobiographical book about broken dreams and a last ditch attempt to achieve his childhood ambition, is due out from Ebury Press on June 4. He has written for the Guardian and the Times, and has performed his work on Radio 1 and 2. In 2005 he presented the Channel 4 series How To Get A Book Deal. He is a regular performer at the UK's biggest festivals including Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading, and Latitude.

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Emma Hammond has self-published two books of poetry - softly softly catchy monkey, and Sleeveless Errand - and is working on a real life grown up one, called Tunth-sk, for Flipped Eye Publishing. She helps run Radiant Appliance, which is a blog and magazine which advocates doing and making - everyone welcome.

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Chris Hicks has the finest legal mind in poetry and is a lot heavier than he looks. Imagine somebody twice his size carrying somebody much smaller and you get the idea. It's probably his neck, if you can even call it a neck. Chris is a member of Aisle16 and runs London literary cabaret Homework. He has performed at the Glastonbury, Latitude, Reading, Leeds, Edinburgh and Port Eliot festivals and his work has featured on radio1, McSweeneys, and Resonance FM.

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Nick Holloway is what passes for an editor round here. A writer for Metro newspaper from 2007 to 2009, he now splits his time between Mercy Recommends and trying to perfect his latest invention: white Guinness with a black head.

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Molly Naylor is a scriptwriter, puppeteer and poet. She works as a performer for The Flying Buttresses theatre company and has written and directed several shows performed on the London Fringe. She is currently working on a radio play for the BBC, as well as writing her first spoken word show, There Will Be Glamour.

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Richie Pen and his dog, Kenny (above), are probably the only man and man's-best-friend writing team in the blogosphere. Their column, Dog Days, is a part dogwalker's diary, part plea to the mysterious 'Bob'.

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Ross Sutherland is a freelance writer and filmmaker. His debut poetry collection, Things To Do Before You Leave Town, was published in January. The Times included him on their list of "Top 10 Literary Stars of 2008".

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