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Blog fail, slight reprise

by Nick Holloway

AKA Blog unfail... details of the custom-made Neil Keating trainers I was struggling to find the link to are available here. Note the page is on Facebook so you'll need to be logged in to see it. That's probably the last time I try to give fashion tips via this site, at least until Mercy knocks up a new batch of lurverly t-shirts.

Neil's illustrations remind me - in places at least - of the work of Jeffery Marzi, which is a good excuse as any to post this film about Jeffrey shown on Channel 4 last year:

The film's by Christoph Steger, whose animated short Mother is also worth a look. Be warned though if Jeffrey's story left you with an incurable sense of melancholy: Mother is more of the same, this time centering on an interview with a funeral director.