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Biennial Podcast, 2nd Nov: Formcontent

Todays's edition is guest hosted by FormContent, whose exhibition opens at The Royal Standard the next week http://formcontent.org/ http://www.trs2.co.uk


It is introduced by Vanessa Bartlett

to contact the show tweet @vanessabartlett
or drop us an email on info@mercyonline.co.uk

As the Biennial enters its final few weeks Form Content will be using the last show of The Royal Standard's Service Provider programme to ask, what happens when all characters leave the stage?

FormContent is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 by Francesco Pedraglio, Caterina Riva and Pieternel Vermoortel in London's East End. 
After five years of intense work with more than 35 exhibition inside and outside the UK, after a rich program of performances, events, publications and commissions, FormContent decided to close its space and work on a 15-month nomadic project titled It's moving from I to It.