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An old friend, two new ones, and Simon Reynolds (again)

by Nick Holloway

Ooh, blimey... just noticed Ezra Bang (above) is a 'featured artist' on Myspace today. Mr Bang was often a guest at the poetry nights we ran at FACT many moons ago - although he went by the name 'Trevor' then. Nowadays he's a throbbing electro adonis with a big chain slung round his neck, dealing in lusty song titles (Pussy Got 9 Lives) and lyrics to match (Suck on a dick like a blue lightsaber, he suggests on Another Fine Lesson). Have a look at his Myspace if you've ever played a Public Enemy record at high speed and rather liked the effect.

New friends: Marie-Claire and Lyndsey are the lovely ladies behind Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing, a rather excellent little club night in Manchester that, sick of the constant tide of mediocre lad rock, dedicates it's playlist to the best female artists around. If you're in the city get along to their regular Wednesday nights at Saki bar - more details on their blog. The blog works on the same premise as the club night and has some good listening recommendations: try Micachu, whose track Turn Me Weller is touching my sonic g-spot this very second.

Simon Reynolds, lastly, who I mentioned first on Monday. Turns out his essays about the hardcore continuum are available on The Wire magazine's website. So, if you missed out on tickets for Simon's lecture in Liverpool tonight, you can at least have a good read...

Hardcore Continuum: Introduction
#1: Hardcore Rave
#2: Ambient Jungle
#3: The State Of Drum And Bass
#4: Hardstep, Jump Up, Techstep
#5: Drum'n'bass Versus Speed Garage
#6: Two-step Garage
#7: Grime (and a little dubstep)


  1. Thanks for the ace write up Nicky Noo Noo. You’re a star :D