What we are up to

Absent Without Leave

by Nick Holloway

Oopses, I've been travelling cross country during the last few days, first Leeds then Nottingham and now into deepest darkest Norfolk, which has made it rather hard to post.

Anyway, normal service will be resumed shortly. We've got another post coming up by David Bamford, who wrote about Heat (the film, not the magazine) so passionately last week, plus the first in a new column by Mercy co-founder Doug Kerr (think of it as Dick Whittington meets Samuel Pepys meets Candide... a diary of London life as told by an innocent abroad, a Cumbrian country bumpkin).

I've also added a few listings (see right-hand column) to let you know what our friends and favourite acts are up to, and to which I'll add Mercy's 2009/10 programme of events when it's finalised soon soon soon! In the meantime, note the addition of Gary Daly's art exhibition, How To Live And Love Your Life, to the list. Gary's had a huge amount of input into the set design of our Wave If You're Really There events in Liverpool last year (he's also in China Crisis... how 'bout that?). The exhibition's on 'til May 10 so if you live in/are visiting Merseyside get up to Kirkby and have a look-see...