What we are up to

A Month Is Not Enough

by Nick Holloway

Aaaaand relax. June and July have taken their toll on our weary young souls; the hangover of our 18-month Arts Council development grant giving way to the daunting realisation that we now have to make everything we promised actually happen. Cue a flipcharts and blackboards bonanza; we've been nailing down what on Earth we actually are in some fun-time Mission Values workshops, and also planning our new bells-and-whistles website with our good friends Kev Adamson and Behind Design. You should sign up to our mailing list on Mercy Online to get info about when it'll be going live, and to get free exclusive content over the summer. In the meantime, the first piece of 'nu' Mercy is:

1. Our debut poetry collection, This Is A Little Book

A collection of new writing by Salena Godden, Luke Kennard, Joe Dunthorne, Luke Wright, Ross Sutherland and Nathan Jones, illustrated by some our favourite Mercy collaborators from over the years. Buy it here.

2. John Smith album
We've been lucky enough to have a rough copy of John Smith's new album loaded on our iTunes for a couple of months now, while we design the artwork for it. Recorded on the road across America's Deep South, it's magnificent and we're chuffed to be designing something for him at last. All the photos were taken by John himself (at the same time as playing the guitar one-handed, knowing him). Check out his MySpace if you haven't yet had the pleasure.

3. And not forgetting...

Mercy's design team are also now looking after a ton o' marketing stuff for the Young Vic theatre in London, which we are suitably excited about. Our first job was to design them some faux-prostitute cards; which was quite fitting since we acted like hussies to win the job in the first place. A lesson for you all: show up at their gaff with a homemade Victoria Sponge and any client will find you irresistible.


Check our portfolio for all of the above and more; there's new stuff in there for Campaign Against Living Miserably, Kings Place, Voodou, and the results of our mega-fun photoshoot with the 3 foot tall face of Virgin1, Red (pictured, left).