What we are up to

A constant flow of

by Emma Hammond

Traffic over and through
Mine indent
What has been called

Personality today is
A slice of dreadfully tough

In a soup of cuticles it's
OK though you know
Typical and as usual
Another ding dong day

Sprite I rise then
Saw that which must be done
Through wasps
And put a few of them back in
The old barnet to begin
Open my hand and find
A fruit
Nestling and twisting in there

Poetic I thought
That I should have Produce there
And keep onwards stoic like
What is advised keeping my
Paternally endorsed upper lip trundling
Under a bit

I get in my plastic ball
And roll around for a while

These pig-trough black cries squeeze out from them:

You must really try to stay linear dear
You're so
Privileged you see
And you've such nice hair...