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21st September: Biennial Podcast (series 2, episode 3)

This podcast's theme is 'Distribution.'


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Rhys Coran of bubblebyte.org rhyscoren.co.uk
Alan Dunn Liverpool based artist alandunn67.co.uk
Libia Castro and Ólafur Ólafsson artists based between Berlin and Rotterdam libia-olafur.com

Sound works played during the interview with Alan Dunn were
Man Ray (Peter Hook and Phil Murphy) CP1919 (2012)
Haroon Mirza "4"33RPM (2011)
Scanner An Echo of Absence

Today's immediate suggestion was brought to you by Oliver Braid of the Ellie & Oliver Show oliverbraid.tumblr.com

Parasites in this episode were written by Lindsay Sekulowicz and Tamarin Norwood, with voice over by Eddie Bolger and sound by Sid Volter www.sidvolter.co.uk

Lindsay Sekulowicz is an artist whose work is engaged with museum archives, scientific research and collecting processes. She is currently artist in residence at the D'Arcy Thompson Museum of Zoology in Dundee lindsaysekulowicz.com

Tamarin Norwood is an artist and writer interested in how writing relates to sounds and lines. She lives in Oxford, where she's just started a doctorate in art theory and anthropology tamarinnorwood.co.uk