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12 Angry E-zine latest issue

07/05/10 E-Zine

Mercy's 12 Angry E-zines, issue 4 is based on the immigrant watchmaker, proud to be a naturalized American citizen.  The character was played by George Voskovec, a well know creative and political activist in his native Czechoslovakia, masterminding something called the Liberated Theatre with his buddy Jan Werich. One of these intertesting stories that pops up when you look into these things!

As featured in a Radio 6 Music interview with our Creative Director Nathan Jones, ("I love it. Is it a pretentious as it sounds?" Andrew Collins), this series is a chance for us to test out and showcase new creative collaborators and give our network of writers and artists a chance to make some good new work.

This issue features new illustration, typography and writing from Mark Andrew Webber, John O'Shea, Franky Hale-Lynch, and a the embryo of an exciting collaborative project at Mercy towers.