Issue 001

We can't decide in five minutes. Supposin' we're wrong / Page 4


Author: Michael Egan

(Poetry selected by Tom Chivers, Penned in the Margins)

building down 	opening the box
of his surroundings that reasonable
doubt reasonable calm a true brutalist
really exposing the innards of words
and witnesses how could she see
at night the importance of seconds
of the overheard distortions
deconstructing against his grain
the texture of wood showing against
grey concrete raw as words
as testimonies imagine some desert tower
lonely in its exposure harsh winds
harsh voices standing there against the ridicule
of others like a populuxe diner or motel
all the starbursts and boomerangs of his
do you know so offering his coat
his name bracketed by the obscured truth
by torn photographs and the damn heat
we have it rough doubt even
if they can’t hear you and never will.
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