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WIYRT Teaser Video

Happy New Year!

While we dot the i’s and cross the t’s on the deal for the next Wave If You’re Really There in London, here’s a smashing little teaser video showing how we finished off 2009 in style..


Wave Machines EPK

17/11/09 Friends
by Nathan Jones

More fantastic 5th December WIYRT-related video content here.  This time it’s Chiz Turnross’ EPK for Wave Machines, featuring snippets of footage from our previous events with the band More

Ross Sutherland: Experiment to Determine the Existence of Love

17/11/09 Friends
by Nathan Jones

As the risk of spilling a ’spoiler’ across the hypersphere, Mercy are very proud to host a little teaser of some of Ross Sutherland’s content for the Wave If You’re Really There show More

Neutral Spine

04/11/09 Friends
by Emma Hammond

Just so I can stop thinking about it. It is actually boring now I say. I think I even mean it. Errata say that she definitely didn’t lose her virginity when she was 9 in the treehouse, he just put it in. That doesn’t count does it? We disagree and agree all at once. Since then, since before I think. In a clammy old garage I looked up in the sky and whispered to him: Hello boy I say, I wonder where.. More

Smiffy follow-up

If you enjoyed the interview with John Smith we featured last month then you may be pleased to note that several more videos of the folk guitarist and singer - performing tracks from his second album, Map Or Direction - have recently appeared online More