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ENCORE! The second instalment of our summer spraff-off is now available for download, featuring brand new work from Salena Godden, Scott Spencer and Jessica Penfold, Q&A with Joe Dunthorne, and some vintage Jonathan Greenbank. NOM NOM NOM More

Fun in the Big Smoke

by Doug Kerr

It’s been a few weeks since we last heard from my (mis)adventures in the Other Capital since deserting the World In One City to open Mercy’s London office. Rest assured the place is still absolutely bonkers, and to prove it I’ve updated my diary / mindmap of the place and its goings on. Catch the latest here.As if to prove one need only look up, down or around to see something semi-wild and unexplainable.. More


minusONE We're Back Baby!

Having spent the first half of this year basking in the success of 2008 and generally re-imagining what on Earth we actually are, we’re just about ready to launch 18 months of words, pictures, shindigs and spectacles More