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Maggie's Centres print

A print for Maggies Centres

23/03/11 News
by Doug Kerr

We have designed these screen-prints for Charlie and Caroline Gladstone (head honchos of Pedlars), as part of their Art For Maggie’s Centres project. This will be auctioned off in a super-limited run of 20 next month, with all proceeds going to the cancer caring centres More

Fancy bagging yourself a Mercy internship?

Fancy bagging yourself a Mercy internship?

We’ve spent many three-martini-lunches recently thinking about our internship programme. We spoke to a few people whom we really respect for what they’ve done. We cast our minds back to when we needed a little something to get our portfolio’s started. We let it mull around in our hive-mind... and a little seed of an idea started to sprout More

The Wombats 'Anti-D' radio promo packaging

New work: Wombats 'Anti-D'

18/03/11 News
by Doug Kerr

While we might not be working on the new Wombats album this year, we’re having a lot of fun with the singles. New in the office this morning is one of the limited edition radio promos for forthcoming single Anti-D More

12 Angry Zines, issue 10

17/03/11 E-Zine
by Doug Kerr

YOU KNOW WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE LIKE! Issue 10 is edited by our excellent buddies Clinic, also featuring Mercy’s very own Matt Saint and Scott Spencer. Bang More

The Escaped Zoo first images

15/03/11 News
by Nathan Jones

We finished The Escaped Zoo installation on Friday. It’s looking pretty nice. Here’s a couple of images if you can’t make it down to Lewis’s to take a look More