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Mercy Podcast, part 8

Mercy podcast, episode 8

With music from Capac, Tom Brookes and Conan, plus top poetics from the Mercy archive and all the usual arty news More

Mercy Podcast, part 7

Mercy podcast, episode 7

A grim fairy tale from Ross Sutherland to mark Halloween, plus music by Sound Of Rum, and why the Liverpool Biennial appears to secretly love Top Gear More

Mercy Podcast, part 6

Mercy podcast, episode 6

Leafcutter John, Chiz Turnross, and art you wouldn’t want to step on. Plus this week’s exhibition highlights, and what turns poetry lovers into poetry haters More

Mercy Podcast, part 5

Mercy podcast, episode 5

Atmospheric electronicist Forest Swords, leading UK poetry collective Aisle16, and an off-character dip into the world of celeb spotting...  More

Mercy Podcast, part 4

Mercy podcast, part 4

More art and music, Mercy-style. Including Scouse noiseniks a.P.A.t.T, this weeks must-see exhibitions and other goings-on.. More