What we are up to


by Nick Holloway

London Word Festival is pushing a great thing right now called the Fib, a 6-line poem based on the Fibonacci sequence. If it’s been a few years since your last maths lesson, that’s the one that goes 0, 1, 1, ,2, 3 and so on, with each successive number being the sum of the previous two.A Fib follows the sequence for it’s syllable count - 1 syllable in the first line, same in the second, 2 syllables.. More

Blog fail

by Nick Holloway

Today I had hoped to let you know where you can buy a pair of these custom Converse by former Mercy collaborator Neil Keating......but, thanks to a particularly unpleasant hangover, I’ve forgotten the effing link. I’ll endeavour to remember, but in the absence of a bacon sandwich and a couple of bottles of Panda cola, the chances are looking slim.Blame John Smith for this booze-related fail - he whisked.. More

And another thing...

by Nick Holloway

Ooer, here’s some other things I should have mentioned earlier. Credit where credit is due: Line And A Dot (AKA Sarah Titmuss) is the brain behind the Ross Sutherland video I posted about a week ago. She does a delicate line in indie pop as well as making them vids, so be sure to stop by her Myspace page. Also a warm Mercy welcome to Richie Pen, a man who spends his days sloping round with his dog.. More

Dog Days #1

by Nathan Jones

Dog Days is a serial about the plight of a dog walker, Richie Pen, and Kenny, his dog.Dear Bob,Today, when I was walking Kenny, someone asked me to look in their mouth, so I peered in. But as usual, all I could make out was a wet dark cave. This is what you always see looking in someone’s mouth. (It’s completely black in there! You want to say.) Unless someone is telling you to look at the colour.. More


by Nick Holloway

Ensconced in a garage in Leucadia some 80km north of San Diego, California, former Liverpool resident Neil McClean has seen fit to muddy our waters with this:The second entry on his blog, which features Neil removing something from his anus, is even more mysterious than the first. On what the outcome will be we can only speculate, but knowing Neil - who started out making videos for The Coral and the.. More