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The truth is in there

by Nick Holloway

If you live in Liverpool you may have noticed that a large area of Sefton Park has been ringed of late by a high, impenetrable fence, leading to much head-scratching as to what the city council are up to. The sensible answer would be that it’s part of improvement works started in the first half of 2008: rebuilding the bandstand, removing rubbish from the lake and draining some of the marshier areas... More

Mercy Blog

04/02/09 News
by Joseph Bramall

A big welcome to Nicholas Hollloway, who will now be looking after a blog of all things Mercy and Mercy-cohort-affiliated More

Blog fail, slight reprise

by Nick Holloway

AKA Blog unfail... details of the custom-made Neil Keating trainers I was struggling to find the link to are available here. Note the page is on Facebook so you’ll need to be logged in to see it. That’s probably the last time I try to give fashion tips via this site, at least until Mercy knocks up a new batch of lurverly t-shirts.Neil’s illustrations remind me - in places at least - of the work of.. More

It is big, but is it clever?

by Nick Holloway

To think some of us were just out there frolicking innocently...Thanks to Rob (below, left) for tipping me off about this attack of frozen profanity, and who made not only a zombie snowman......but a snowy Wall-E.Rob, we salute you More

Dog Days #2

by Nathan Jones

Dog Days is a serial about the plight of a dog walker, Richie Pen, and Kenny, his dog.Dear Bob,Now I have to think about what object best represents me! What object best represents you? If I had my way, I would just put you on a plinth and call you a sculpture of the clear bit in my brain. A tumbler full of whiskey with a sexy ice cube bobbing in I am, Bob. Boob. It’s pointless to try and think about.. More