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Reynolds sells out

by Nick Holloway

Bad news for our Liverpool readers: there are no tickets left for Simon Reynolds’ lecture about the hardcore continuum on Wednesday. In a brilliantly stupid move, host venue FACT have relocated the event from one of it’s large cinema screens (as advertised) to a pokey 50-seater, ensuring as few of us as possible can hear the man speak his brains.Anyway, all is not lost. Who needs a hardcore continuum.. More

His friends call him T.C.

by Nick Holloway

No, not Top Cat. This T.C. couldn’t be more distinct: he lives in a house at last report, not a trash can, and his immediate circle is made up of humans, not criminally minded, loquacious alley cats. (That said, I bet he looks great wearing nothing but a purple boater and waistcoat.)No, the T.C. I speak of is Tim Clare (left), a writer and performer who proved a hit at our Wave If You’re Really There.. More

Video Games: A Cultural History - #1 Wonderboy In Monster Land

by Tim Clare

After over three decades of ignorance and indifference, cultural commentators are finally beginning to recognise the video game as a serious art form on a par with dance, sculpture, and haberdashery. Over the following weeks, months, and, yes, years - for, dear reader, this is no picayune undertaking we embark upon together - I hope to play some small part in coaxing the cattle of scholarly endeavour.. More

Wave on

by Nick Holloway

Just a quick post to let you know that Mercy’s favourite band Wave Machines (above, picture by Simon Gross) are playing in tonight at The Deaf Institute, Grosvenor Street, Manchester. Max Tundra headlines, tickets are £5, and WM are on at about 9.15pm. See you at the bar! More

The truth is in there

by Nick Holloway

If you live in Liverpool you may have noticed that a large area of Sefton Park has been ringed of late by a high, impenetrable fence, leading to much head-scratching as to what the city council are up to. The sensible answer would be that it’s part of improvement works started in the first half of 2008: rebuilding the bandstand, removing rubbish from the lake and draining some of the marshier areas... More