Markus Soukup


Markus Soukup



Before Love - collaboration between Markus and Nathan Jones


One of our most long-term collaborators, Markus has been with us since showing an animation at our first )BracketThis( exhibition in 2003, and he's provided a typically artful and enigmatic sound-track to many of our live productions.

Originally from Germany, Markus has become an integral part of the Liverpool scene with a depth of output that includes web-design, curating visual arts, and sound performance with Sound Network, as well as his own animation, painting and print artworks.

Recently, Markus has been shortlisted for the Liverpool Art Prize, which is great - a recognition of his excellent artwork, which is in continual flux, both playful, serious and unique, reflecting Markus's own questioning and curious manner.

Markus is also well known across the city for hosting and installing fantastic exhibitions, both within and outside the Lost Soul and Stranger Service Station that he co-curated in 2008-2010 - a service which has indebted many artists to him over the years.

The good man from the other side of the forest.